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The Wilds of West Mount (Westmont)

Whether you are a first time guest or a frequent visitor, we would like to answer a popular question and share a bit of history with you.  That ever popular question is, “Do you make whiskey?” Well, not quite! However, since you are asking, we will give you a brief and interesting explanation of how our name, Whiskey Hill, came to be. It is a bit of Westmont history mixed in with some back alley folk tales.


Whiskey Hill – Brews

Fat Tony – Cosa Nostra – Joosemaji – Crystalized Rhymes – IL Fortunato – Circle of Salt – Dance Yourself Clean – Krunch Time – Bury the Light – 5 More Minutes – Float – BLENDR – Lil’ Wheaty – Cartoon Graveyard – Oh You Fancy Huh – Dilly’s Doughnuts – and more


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“Craft brewing” is a more encompassing term for developments in the industry succeeding the microbrewing movement of the late 20th century. The definition is not entirely consistent but typically applies to relatively small, independently-owned commercial breweries that employ traditional brewing methods and emphasize flavor and quality.


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